Hang Out on Cloud Nine with Cloud Tea

Hang Out on Cloud Nine with Cloud Tea

Walking into Cloud Tea, a boba shop on Buffalo and Flamingo, customers are immediately excited by the layout of the cozy tea shop. The alternative folk music is soft and mellow, and the furniture isn’t stiff or uncomfortable. The tables include games such as Uno and checkers for guests to enjoy while sipping their cool, bubbly drinks.

Going along with the homey feeling of the restaurant’s aesthetic, the menu is just as simple as something you would see at In-N-Out. With only four drinks to choose from, Cloud Tea decided to go into the route of mastery rather than being a jack of all trades. Featuring smoothies, tea, cloud caps and milk teas, the restaurant also lets you choose between boba and lychee in the drink. The pricing is just as easy on the wallet, with drinks ranging from $2.75 to $4.95 depending on your choice of boba or lychee.

The strawberry tea was a personal favorite, featuring fresh strawberries rather than a bland bag of tea soaking in water. The black cap tea is also interesting, having a salty foam on top and milky tea on the bottom. Unfortunately, the smoothie didn’t appeal to customers’ tastes very much, falling behind the teas.

The shop’s atmosphere draws in a lot of students and has started to gain attention. Being so comforting and snug, all while being affordable, the shop attracts cash-strapped students who are eager to find a fresh and pleasant study environment.

“I come to Cloud Tea at least once a day; it’s really convenient because it’s only 15 minutes away, and the cashier/service is good, and I feel like I go through my stamp card at least once a month,” junior Elise Rivera said.

“I love their taro boba so much,” junior Michelle Silva said. “Instead of getting a drink that’s warm, this boba shop serves everything nice and cold.”

All in all, Cloud Tea is the place to go when you feel like reading a book or watching Netflix after school. The warm, inviting space will make you feel right at home.