Theater flood over summer left students displaced

The Spring Valley theater flooded on July 6th, 2018, hindering the theater’s productivity and devastating student efforts.

The theater’s flooding was a result of a pipe bursting in the boys’ dressing room. Flooding lasted four days before it was discovered. The flooding caused the replacement of a wall and the repainting of baseboards

“It definitely changed the community. We really couldn’t start the class until we got into the classroom,” junior Zoey McCracken said.

The flooding temporarily affected the theater class’s environment, leaving the class to operate from room 404 from the start of the school year until August 23.

“ … For my seniors who built this program, yeah it is [depressing]. They were locked out for weeks,” theater teacher Anthony Coffield said.

The theater’s environment had been negatively affecting the students emotionally, and it damaged the theater physically, as well.

“I work in the costume department; our dressing rooms had rust all over, and we had to move everything. It was a hassle,” junior Victoria Rodriguez said.

The desolation of the Spring Valley theater has restricted the students’ progress, but thankfully, the school administration has helped in regards to repairing the damage.

“Administration has helped us speed up the [cleaning and repair process],” McCracken said.

However, students have displayed perseverance through it and put their passion to work in times of hardship.

“Overall, clean up was a success. We got it done in about a day, which got us back on our feet,” Rodriguez said.

With the help of Spring Valley administration and insurance, specific damages will be monetarily covered, and the theater will be back on track for its fall performance.

“Admin … did everything they possibly could to make it more comfortable,” Coffield said.