Net Neutrality Receives Some Positivity

Light has again shed on the situation of Net Neutrality. On May 16th, the proposed repeal of Net Neutrality by the Federal Communications Commission was overturned by the Senate and is now making itself to the House of Representatives. This is an amazing victory for the entire internet. The Senate overturned the repeal of Net Neutrality with a vote of 52 – 47 with only 3 Republicans voting in favor of overturning the proposal and all Democratic senators voting in favor of overturning the proposal.


The original proposal of repealing Net Neutrality would in the mindset of Democrats have caused internet prices to explode and created censorship within the internet. In Republican mindset, this would have caused the internet companies to compete on a larger scale ultimately lowering the prices and offering more services. The Republican mindset however is a bit skewed on this issue, internet providers like Cox and Centurylink to name a few have created an oligopoly. An oligopoly is sort of like a monopoly, but instead of one company dominating an entire market alone which is illegal, it instead has multiple companies working together to create one set price so the consumer has no way of getting a deal.


Net Neutrality has been an ongoing issue since December of 2017, when it was proposed to be repealed, then later on passed by the FCC. Though it was repealed by the FCC, the internet has exploded with millions upon millions of users calling their senators and state representatives with threats of not voting for them if they were to pass the proposal of repealing Net Neutrality. The amazing thing about Net Neutrality is that it has brought the majority of Democrats and Republicans to agree on a specific subject. Many Republican supporters are actually completely against the repeal by the FCC and have even been influenced by who they vote for in upcoming polls for new Senators and Representatives. In a sort of twisted way, Net Neutrality has managed to bring together two extremely opposing groups together in a long time since the election of Donald Trump.


The next step in saving Net Neutrality is to get the House of Representatives to deny the repeal as well. This is where the problems truly start arising, with the House of Representatives being dominated by Republicans, it’s going to be a long fight of persuading and threatening in order to convince them to save Net Neutrality. The day will come where the internet will rejoice after fighting a long hard battle with the FCC and it’s greedy mindset on the internet. The government underestimated the power of people on the internet and the power of companies like Discord, Reddit, and lots of other social media sites.