OPINION: Fortnite vs. PubG

With the increasing popularity of Fortnite and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PubG) there has been an ongoing debate on which game is truly better. With over 30 million unique players for each game, the debates have become intense. So, which one is better?

Spartak (For PubG):

Before this argument gets completely shut down, just know that I have played both Fortnite and PubG for over 100 hours on PC. Now that, that is out of the way let’s talk statistics. PubG costs 30 dollars to purchase and isn’t even available on Playstation, yet it is nearly matched with Fortnite’s player peak with Fortnite at 3.4 million and PubG at 3.2 million. Fortnite’s player peak was accounting PC, PS4, and Xbox. PubG’s player peak was accounting ONLY PC. With a large update for PubG only a couple days ago, more people have been attracted to the game. Oh and might I just toss in that PubG won the Best Multiplayer Game of the Year in 2017 with Fortnite only being a nominee. PubG was also nominated for Game of the Year and Best Ongoing game with Fortnite nowhere to be seen in those categories. PubG has placed its mark on gaming history and Fortnite is just leeching off PubG’s success.


PubG has recently had two large updates with great quality. Bringing in weapon balancing, new cars, better anti-cheat system, and map diversity. Fortnite has an update each week with one crappy weapon update and a new skin you have to spend money on. PubG also has skins in the game, but the great aspect of PubG is that by just simply playing, you can receive those skins for free. Fortnite on the other hand reels in little children (their main player base) with it’s “totally wacky and silly!” cash grabbing skins.


Fortnite has brought back the popularity of kids stealing their parents credit cards in order to buy in game skins and currency. Fornite has also brought lots of toxicity into the gaming world, with the main age group for the game being kids 12 and younger, youtubers who record their videos of playing fortnite while swearing influences these kids to do the same. Youtubers have youtube analytics that tell exactly what age range is watching their videos and they are ignoring that fact and continously cursing for millions of children.

Kushtrim (For Fortnite):


PubG is $30, while Fortnite is free. This is a huge aspect when looking at what game to pick. Instead of paying for PubG, why not download Fortnite and use that 30 to pay for another game? You could even purchase Fortnite for free and the inferior PubG with that extra money. In addition, Fortnite has a peak playerbase of 3.4 million players, and while PubG hasn’t released specific figures in recent times, its highest figures were 3.2 million. PubG has also been losing players for the last 4 months.


Another thing Fortnite wins in is in update frequency and quality. Every week, new challenges, rewards and smaller updates come out for Fortnite. PubG’s update frequency is much lower and of less quality. One of the latest updates’ main focus were new cars and weapon skins. This was while players were leaving en masse due to a wave of Chinese hackers flooding North American servers. PubG’s updates have completely disregarded what players want, and only after losing players has BlueHole, the company who owns the game, taken notice and produced updates the players actually want. Only on April 26th did the game give a map selection option.


Fortnite meanwhile has weekly patches which have made the game run much more smoothly than PubG. Optimization has been a struggle for PubG, while Fortnite mastered it in its early beta. Poor performance has pushed many former PubG players to Fortnite, especially recently. Fortnite released its season 4 update on May 1st, with multiple new additions to gameplay and cosmetic skins as well. The continuous gameplay updates keep the game fresh and exciting, unlike PubG which is like any First Person Shooter put into a battle royale type game. Fortnite meanwhile has unique guns, a new zero gravity jump element, and its notorious building features that make the game much more interesting than a standard battle royale shooter like PubG.