Volleyball ends with high hopes for next season

After adding two new coaches, the men’s volleyball team is looking to change the way other schools view Spring Valley. Head coach Mike Agustin is looking to improve the program and make the team a top team in 3 to 4 years.

“Me and the coaches are looking to better the program for the long term and I believe we can we are mainly looking to better the players and just have a fun time and win,” coach Agustin said.

This year varsity is building a new base after 8 of their former players graduated. Also bringing in Agustin as the new coach. They have also added new players such as junior Daniel Sandoval.

Sandoval has had experience playing at varsity level on Sylmar high schools team in San Fernando valley, LA. Competition is taken more serious over there and they build great players.

He is the first transfer from California that has made the varsity men’s volleyball team their first year. He is looking add his talent in to this team and help varsity make playoffs.

“The competition here is still competitive but not as much as California competition but I believe we will have a good chance of making playoffs because I have only known the players on my team for a couple of months and already have good chemistry with them”

This year varsity ended the season overall 1-17. Junior Varsity ended the season 3-8. Freshman team has started 4-6. The teams are going to start intensifying the practices over the summer to bring a more competitive team next year.

“After last years volleyball record, which by the way was not what we hoped it to be, our practices have picked up dramatically. Even Two months before the season we have been constantly working on our form and technique for our passing, setting and hitting. Some practices our coach spends hours drilling into our heads how to pass. Now that we are not doing good in game the practices get harder everyday,” said Junior Jakob Repolio.

The team also has added two brand new coaches. Chuck Muith who has had coaching experience with basketball and Scott Thomas Muth. The team has also added and brought back team managers to help and support the team during practice and games. The team managers are Brooke Robinson, Lily Marple, Dylan Braun, and Chelsea Barrera.

“I feel the managers really bring new skills to the table that we can learn and use and they bring new tips and tricks to help us in game, They also help Junior Varsity and B team the same way they help us,” said Senior Hiruy Ammanuel.