What the Fortnite?

From people posting their sweet, sweet, victory royales on social media to Drake, Travis Scott, and Lil Yachty playing popular streamer, Ninja. Fortnite: Battle Royale is the most intense and stressful game that is free for everyone to play. If you haven’t laid your hands on the game yet, you are missing out on the potential victories you can have when you go against 100 players.

In Fortnite: Battle Royale, players simply start off in the main menu and have the ability to play solo, duos, or as a squad. Once the player has chosen a mode, they are brought into a game of 100 other players who will all battle each other until there is one survivor/team standing. Battle Royale has been popular due to it being free and how the game flows. Epic Games, creator of Fortnite and Fortnite; Battle Royale, managed to mix sandbox-building, fast-paced action, strategy thinking, and third-person shooter all into one mode. This makes the game unbelievably competitive for players and gives players the greatest feeling once they won a game battling against 100 players.

Being placed into a match where 100 players battle each other for a victory really pumps up the adrenaline. Every match begins with players jumping off a plane-like bus and skydiving into a location they chose. Once players reach the ground, the battle begins as players are racing against “The Storm” which forces everyone into the middle. Every player scavenges through the location they landed in and hope they find a weapon, medic kits, or other players they can battle against.

Fortnite: Battle Royale on mobile is an extremely fun game as it has the same mechanics as the console and PC versions. Epic Games did an amazing job of putting people’s favorite game to play on the go. Since its release on mobile many students have been playing it in class since it’s just that addicting.

There is also another game mode which Fortnite: Battle Royale is based off and it is the base game; Fortnite. Fortnite itself takes place after an apocalyptic event, “The Storm” replacing 98 percent of the world’s population to zombies.  In this mode you fight against the zombies with the help of heroes, which are characters that have different special abilities to use against combat. Under your control, you have the ability to build bases, rescue survivors and ultimately fight against zombies. Players will eventually discover what caused “The Storm” and restore humanity as if the storm never happened.

Other similar games like Players Unknown Battle Ground or Rules of Survival all have the basics of jumping out of the plane and landing to battle against 100 or more players. While Fortnite: Battle Royale does have the same concept, but Epic Games have done a good job of adding the ability to build. This adds a whole new perspective as players are not only trying to find weapons but are also trying to find materials to build bases or quick defense to defeat other players.

Overall Epic Games have done a good job with Fortnite; Battle Royale, and a great job listening to fans on their input for the game. If you haven’t put your hands on a single game of Fortnite: Battle Royale you’re definitely missing out on all the action and fun.