Golden Knights inspire new hockey club on campus

Hockey is typically known as a cold state sport only, places where it snows and freezes. However, in Las Vegas, hockey has become the talk of the town. Taking the city by surprise, the Las Vegas Golden Knights have been dominant this season and are poised for a deep playoff run.

The Golden Knights sit atop the standings in wins and losses and in points. The Knights are the first professional team in Las Vegas, turning hockey into a true Las Vegas pastime.

”I think it’s awesome what they’re doing for the city, I watch every single game and have been to five at the T-Mobile arena,” sophomore Kade Higgins said. “I’ve never seen anything like it, it’s electric,this whole city loves the Golden Knights.”

With the success of new National Hockey League franchise, students are determined to make hockey bigger than ever at the school. Hockey club was approved March 2, 2018 and focuses specifically on street-style hockey. No contact, just sticks, a puck and two nets. The club wants to get a consistent amount of players out there so they can scrimmage each other. There are 10 members currently participating in the club.

“Right now we are just a club, but in the future I hope other schools can do the same and maybe make hockey go to ice and compete,” Hockey Club President Justice Ewing said.

The outburst of hockey in the valley has made students ready to start.

“Hockey is a fun sport to watch so playing must be more fun,” junior Adonis LeBlue said.

The club is supervised by Ryan Emord, a math teacher, who played street hockey growing up with his brother and is playing in an adult hockey league.

“I feel like I can give them a little insight that I have,” Emord said. “I can kinda tell them what it takes to play hockey and help with their skills to get there.”

The club is currently open to any donations and is need of sticks for new and current members. Ewing has started a website for his personal project (a graduation requirement for International Baccalaureate sophomores) where people can donate and learn information about the club. The website has not yet raised any money, but for any left over money it the proceeds will go towards a charity they decide.

On February 18, the Golden Knights partnered with the Clark County School District. All CCSD middle schools will receive a full-set of street hockey equipment and teachers will receive training to learn and teach the sport. Students from middle school who come to high school will lack the equipment that’s provided to continue hockey.

“I fell in love with hockey going to the games,” Ewing said. “I saw the partnership so I thought why not high school.”