Coaches see big future for freshmen football players


In the two years prior to this one, the freshman football team won a combined four games. This year’s freshman football team, led by QB Frank Bartley, and RB Tavon Scott blew out their competition on their way to an 8-1 season and look to have more success in the years coming.

“(It surprised me) how quickly they picked up our system,” coach Teal said. “It really was a breath of fresh air, compared to past years.”

“We worked hard and together, stayed focused and got the job done,” Bartley said, who was one of three captains on the team and led the team in rushing yards (329), total touchdowns (7) and interceptions (2).

Many members of the freshman team are looking forward to moving up to varsity, and possibly play for playoffs and state.

“I expect us to come in during the off season putting some work in and continue to win games and make it to the playoffs, and maybe win a state championship,” Bartley said. “From myself, I expect that I can help lead this team to the playoffs, and also help everyone around me work hard and get better so we can make it to the next level.”

Coach Teal will soon lead these players, and possibly have the chance to win some playoff games.

“I think they have that potential,” Coach Teal said. “It’s just going to depend on how hard they work in the offseason. Hopefully we can get them doing the things we need them to do; to get bigger, faster, and stronger.”

Their most impressive game was a 78-0 win over the Eldorado Sundevils. The offense carried the ball for 275 yards and seven touchdowns. On the other side of the ball, the defense picked up eight sacks and forced four turnovers for four touchdowns.

“I’m looking forward to playing with older, more experienced players who will get my game better,” Scott said. “I expect my team and I to give 100 percent on and off the field.”

Scott averaged 10.5 yards per carry for 304 rushing yards scoring four touchdowns on the season. Leading the team in all purpose yards (396). The team’s defense racked up 33 sacks, six interceptions and nine fumble recoveries; scored six defensive touchdowns.

“My mom motivates me by telling me everyday to do good in school and to keep working on getting better because school and sports is going to get me far in life,” Scott said.

The success these players have had on this team, comes from the motivation from their loved ones.

“My mom and my grandpa (motivate me) because (my mom) works hard to provide for me,
and my two sisters,” Bartley said. “(My grandpa) has cancer and motivates me to do well in school and all my sports, and he has been there since day one.”