Lil Yachty reinvents mumble rap identity on new album, ‘Lil Boat 2’


¨King Boat” more famously known as Lil Yachty, sparked his career with his gateway album Lil Boat back in 2016. Lil Boat introduced Yachty as a playful, auto-tuned mumble rapper with colorful dreads and a mediocre flow.

Yachty was never really known for having any actual rap talent, and fans were fine with it. People listened to him for his humorous rhymes and playful beach vibes. After his failed album, ¨Teenage emotions” in the Summer of 2017, avid rap fans expected “Lil Boat 2” to be a clear sequel to his debut comprising of the same formula that made him a star in the first place.

What we actually got was Yachty’s attempt to re-identify himself from a “mumble rap god” to someone who is actually capable of spitting some heat. The turnout was better than most expected.

With hit songs like “NBAYOUNGBOAT” and “66,” Yachty almost proved listeners wrong with his bars being kinda catchy and “fire.” In his song “BOOM,” featuring Ugly God, the two drop rhymes behind a dark beat that Yachty has never done before. In this song, Yachty spits out the line, ¨I do this s*** for my mama, my mama told me don’t forget bout my roots.” Ironic because that is exactly what Lil Yachty is doing in this song by rapping to an almost violent beat with loud explosions, instead of his normal vibes.

Yachty went against his roots in most cases, except tacks like “She Ready” featuring PnB Rock. “She Ready” is iconic to his album, because it ultimately replicates some of Yachty’s old hits from Lil Boat 1.

The song features PnB singing a catchy hook behind a beat that incorporates pan flutes and bongos. Similar to one of his hits, “Forever Young” from his 2017 album Teenage Emotions. This album was simply about Yachty showing everyone he could rap and how rich he really is. “Running to the money like I’m Frank Gore, this ring cost more than a Honda Accord.”

Throughout each song he is referencing either his bank or jewelry in a way that makes you dislike him. “I was buying diamonds, you was waiting for tax refunds.”

Even with Yachty not sticking to his roots and “selling out” the music on Lil Boat 2 was still good and incorporated artist that everyone still loves such as, Lil Pump, Trippie Redd, Quavo and PnB Rock.

Overall, the album is quite enjoyable and something that everyone could bump in their car or their ears even though Yachty isn’t the Yachty we used to know.