Prom to feature classic black and white theme

Prom this year will take place on April 21 at Celebrity Cars. Students can dance to their heart’s content from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. The theme this year is Black and White.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s a new experience, completely different to homecoming and you get to go with your friends and have
good night,” senior Brianna Maldonado said.

The black and white theme is meant to honor a classic tradition from over the course of time, according to those who organized the event. “We want it to speak not to pop culture but to tradition,” Senior Class Advisor Deborah Whitt said.

The venue features lavish cars in a grand building with a high ceiling and open space.

“Every year it’s a struggle. Langhorst and I try to be on the same page. We like to keep it classy and leave a legacy behind with everything we do,” Whitt said.

Tickets go on sale April 3 for $50 and rise in price after two weeks of sales. Students who don’t purchase their tickets prior to the dance will not be allowed to purchase them at the door.

Senior night will follow on April 23 at Knotts Berry Farm. Tickets can be purchased for both prom and senior night for $175.

“I’m excited to go to prom junior year because it is a test run for the big one next year,” Junior Zachary Lewis said.