Clubs to Develop Original Video Games


Authentication Error? No need to worry because Computer Club has arrived to help reboot the system for the Grizzly family. Take out your C plus plus (C++). No, not the C++ that may be on some report cards, but one of the most commonly used computer programming languages that allows students to create limitless programs.

Computer Club, a joint organization of Coding and Personal Computer (PC) clubs, meets every Monday to teach students the basics of programming and help them create things that pique their interests including games and websites.

“Our entire goal is to try and teach students how to code,” club member Elham Tamken said. “You need to know many programming languages, such as C++, Python, and Java to achieve certain goals in projects. We say that everything is going to be coding in the future, and it’s best to teach students how and what it is, so they can build things and work towards an advanced future.”

According to Coding Club President Kushtrim Muja, the clubs are already using their newly taught skills to create an independent project — a 2-Dimensional story-based platforming game similar to Super Mario Bros., with a Skyworld theme.

They are hoping to finish the demo and feature it to students before the end of May. The game will be a Role-Playing Game with mobs and bosses that the protagonist is trying to beat in order to defeat.

Students formed the club this year, and invite all students to come, with or without experience. Their goal: to encourage all students to learn about technology in order to keep up with the advancing future and succeed in achieving a stable future with their years of education.

“Computer science is the future. Technology is the future,” club member Mary Tian said. “Would you rather be the person that loses their job to a robot or the person that makes the robot as a job?”

According to global management firm, McKinsey & Company that promotes and guides small businesses, their study shows 30 percent of tasks in 60 percent of occupations could be computerized by the early 2030’s. Jobs that are mostly done on computers could be automated in the near future; putting people out of jobs including assembly lines and stock trades.

Replacements like this are already seen today, from self-checkouts in grocery stores to bartending robots on the Las Vegas Strip.

Along with a Computer Club this year, the school will also be implementing a new AP Computer Science Principles class that is available for all students to take. This class is a year-long, computer based curriculum that goes over the basics of five units and three AP required lessons.

“Computer Science Principles class is designed for all entry level skill sets, it has no prerequisites to get into the class,”Business Teacher Vida Bierria said. “Don’t be afraid of the AP portion of this because it’s very basic entry level, however it does cover a big curriculum… of basics and College Board AP portion.”

Although Computer Club is not in conjunction with the AP CPS, all students and members are welcome to join in order to further enhance their skill; learning lesson by lesson compared to the clubs’ open environment of learning from each other.

“I love working in this field of technology, and especially in this club because you can get engaged into what you like alongside other people with the same interests as you,” PC Club