SNOA offers students job opportunities

Tired of being a student with no money? Well youve read the right article. The Southern Nevada Officials Associations offers opportunities for students to get jobs at the expense of watching sports,cool right? During sport seasons students can get in touch with SNOA to make money during reasonable hours that don’t conflict with school. SNOA allows students to be a timer or a score keeper, and if the student is 18 or older they can be an official for sports that are in season.

“Being a scorekeeper for basketball is probably the easiest job im ever going to come across as a teen,” Senior Samerawit Tibebu said.


The job pays $24.75 per highschool game for timers and scorekeepers. Officials start at $30 and up. SNOA does not only assign students high school, they also assign middle school games for timer and scorekeeper at $19.50 and for officials at $30.75. Before getting assigned to games the student must be a certified member of SNOA. The cost may vary from $25 and up, but SNOA cuts down on fees for students.


SNOA also reduce taxes on students paychecks. In order to receive the money worked for, students must create a “Ref Pay or Arbiter Pay” account, this is how students transfer funds from SNOA’s trustee websites to your bank account.  


Students at Spring Valley are apart of this organization and they are pleased with the reduce amount of stress this job offers while being in school.

“This job has been easy and I don’t have to stress about work hours because it’s here at my own school,” Tibebu said.


“It’s nice to have my own money, and I get to make money watching some of my favorite sports,” Senior Joseph Bazezew said. He’s found a way to make money during schools hours seemingly as he works in the cafeteria and gets paid for serving food.


The more consistent the student is in accepting games, the more games the assignor assigns.  When declining games, decline within at least 2 hours of being assigned. The assignors would like to know as soon as possible if the SNOA member aren’t available so they can assign it to someone else.

Jerry Huston who has been working with SNOA since 1976 says that students should work the job for experience.


“Its a good deal for young people you make money and also get a taste of work experience” Huston said.


“My mom is comfortable with me having this job since its always on school premises and it doesn’t mess with my studies,” Senior Eyobel Kassa said.


Students don’t have to know alot about the sport,because SNOA hosts days to learn how to do whatever sport students signed up for, but it is advised that the student have some prior knowledge of the game. The days of being a teenager with no money are over, get more knowledge on how to sign up next year at


“Watching my favorite sports and getting paid for it, is the move for senior year,” Kassa said.