BTS Serenades Fans With A Colorful World

Cute boys and “dope” choreography; Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS), roughly translated as “bulletproof boy scouts”, took the western hemisphere by storm after their win as Top Social Media Artist over Justin Bieber at the Billboard Awards on May 21. Their win with 300 million votes sparked outrage as it broke records and seemingly “stole” Bieber’s rightful spot; the amount of haters has grown as people argue that this Asian music group do not belong in these international music awards. However, their worldwide fan base known as the Adorable Representative Master of Ceremony for Youth (A.R.M.Y.) remains strong, they have rallied support for their newest album, released on September 18.

“Love Yourself: Her” starts with the lead single “DNA,” a song that combines the attributes of math, chemistry, theories of the universe and genetics to explain that a connection felt between lovers, is a romance that is meant to be; destiny. Compared to their previous album “Wings,” which had a darker perspective, “DNA” has a colorful pop sound that captures the attention of listeners.

The song included catchy elements of electro-pop, hip-hop, and their whistling skills seriously impress. Forty seconds into the song, BTS captivates viewers with their expertise dance moves, synchronization, and catchy whistle tune that slowly leads up to the lyrics.

BTS also included a collaboration, “Best of Me,” featuring the electro-pop DJ The Chainsmokers. As The Chainsmokers specialize in Electric Dance Music (EDM), this song sounds as though it could be played at the Electric Daisy Festival for everyone to dance and jump along to. This album contains more pop and edgy music rather than the slow almost gaspy rhythm from their “Wings” album that gained top charts.

Formed in South Korea in 2012, BTS began their rise to world stardom through their music that tackled topics including women empowerment, break-ups and countering society’s rules to songs that the band dedicates to their fans in several albums. Over the span of their releasing of 22 singles, one single album, 29 Music Videos and six video albums they remain in constant interaction with their fans to make everyone seem like a big family.

Their seven member Korean pop (K-pop) boyband allows for fans to better match their personalities to the man of their dreams; Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are unafraid to deter from K-pop norms by being silly, down to earth, and act like themselves. With explosive choreography, fast spitting rap lines and impressive fanbase, BTS broke 37 records from highest ranking K-pop group placing sixth on Youtube’s Global Top 100 Charts to highest selling albums or most watched MVs in the least amount of time.

With their activeness in everyday social media: constant updates and interactions with fans, it’s not surprising that they rose to worldwide fame, both positive and negative, so suddenly before and after their appearance at the Billboard Awards.