Sophomores To Complete First Personal Project

For the first time, sophomores are required to do a personal project. With the final authorization of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program last year, sophomore students have been given the additional task of creating a project that represents one of their passions, interests or hobbies.

In addition to the program’s unique and rigorous courses that it offers students, a personal project is required of all IB magnet students, though it is open to all sophomores to participate. This project allows students to represent a unique aspect of themselves- whether it is a career goal, a hobby or a new interest. Students can build a website, make an app, grow a garden, write a book, or build a model of a car. The opportunities are limitless and encourage students to explore and try new things.

“I call it an opportunity.” said Tony Gebbia, Director of the IB program. “ Too often in school when we want to know what a student knows we give them a test, or make them write an essay, or do a project that we design. That’s not always the best thing for a student.”

This year’s sophomores are in the process of coming up with ideas for their personal project, which is due at the end of February. Every student will be assigned to an adult on campus as a form of support. This individual will be the student’s mentor for the next five months, to give guidance or support.

“ I want to propose or transcribe a musical piece for the band, for the band to play,” said Sophomore Ronnie Tran. “I think it will be fun to see the band play something that I made.”

Sophomore Zachary Billot is taking a different approach. Billot is creating a time system for mars with the help of Ms. Bagovich, who happens to be very informed with time facts.

“I’m creating a time system for mars.” said Billot “It’s going to be pretty difficult but I think with intensive research I will be able to get it done. Also with the help from Ms. Bagovich, who strangely knows a lot of time facts.”