Yearbook Introduces Senior Quotes For First Time


Seniors will have a chance to put a quote in the yearbook for the first time in Spring Valley history, a long asked for tradition that will make its mark this year.

“I taught several classes of juniors last year and several classes of seniors who all expressed their want for a senior quote,” said Yearbook Advisor Rebecca Krshul. “The seniors were very upset that they did not get senior quotes last year, and I heard their message loud and clear.

In order to have a senior quote placed in the yearbook, seniors had to pre-order their yearbook for $70 before September 29th and submit their quote to Krshul. Yearbooks will remain $70 dollars until October 20, when the price will rise to $80.

“It’s a marketing strategy…I want these students to pull these yearbooks out years from now and see everything they accomplished their senior year,” said Krshul.
Students have expressed their excitement about senior quotes finally becoming a tradition at school.

“Senior quotes are a new thing for us, but I’m so glad that I get to see everyone’s last words before we all leave,” said senior Yongnan Jiang.

Many others agreed.

“I think it’s cool because this is the first year I’m buying my yearbook so I could just look back and be like ‘wow,’” said senior Tiarra Mlakar. “This is surprising that they just now did that this year. It’s good actually.”

The hype about senior quotes had many students debating what they want to be remembered for.

“I want my quote to be about music because I can’t see myself doing anything else,” said senior Jacob Jernigan, a band student.

“I’m into philosophy…so I have a bunch written down,” Mlakar said. “So I was going to use one one of the ones that I found online.”

Senior quotes aren’t the first idea to have been introduced to the yearbook in recent years. Aurasmas were introduced two years ago and will be included again in this year’s yearbook.

Aurasmas are pictures put in the yearbook that will become videos using a smartphone. By downloading the Aurasma app, students can hold their phone cameras up to a photo to see a video from that event.