Sorry, can’t talk, I’m busy playing 2K18 right now


If 2K18 was a NBA player, it would be Lonzo Ball: a hyped and extraordinary player but like his jumpshot form, it’s not perfect.

The developers of 2k18 did an amazing job changing the MyPARK mode in a new never before seen MyNEIGHBORHOOD. Also doing a phenomenal job on other favorited modes such as, MyTEAM, MyLEAGUE, MyGM, and PLAY NOW.

However the MyCAREER mode that everyone seems to be excited for has it’s potential but isn’t the greatest. In 2K16 and 2K17 MyCAREERS, a player’s character could play in college, get drafted, and become a superstar from the start. These were well thought out storylines, but in 2K18, the developers decided to take the storyline from 2K15 and twist it a little bit. As the player’s character doesn’t go to college nor has the ability to get drafted, but starts as a DJ and plays in a tournament then gets scouted and enters the NBA.

2K18 also did a great job listening to the fans and made the game as realistic as possible. Now the game doesn’t have centers, small or power forwards shooting and making half court shots. They also changed the jumpshot meter instead of the it being right underneath the player’s character, it’s right beside the player’s head. This seems to be an alright alternative to previous jumpshot meters, but it does take a little getting used to.

In previous 2K MyPARKS, there were rival parks where players could compete against each other to gain reputation and sometimes compete for a new park. However, this year 2k removed rival parks and combined everyone into one neighborhood. Previously, players could change their appearance for free except some cosmetics through a menu.

2K18 has made it so players have to pay to change their appearance in a neighborhood that has barber shops, tattoo parlors, and clothing stores, and even an arcade. The developers also added a new feature where you can workout with weights and gain energy that helps you during games with scoring and defending.

Every year 2K adds unique characters such as Jackson Ellis, Spike Lee, and Michael B Jordan. This year’s unique character is Lavar Ball, in addition the developers also added his brand, Big Baller Brand, or also known as “BBB”. With his brand being in the game, players can get endorsements deal from BBB or also buy from BBB.

This year MyTEAM has introduced a new mode called pack and playoff where the player opens packs and tries to get the best cards possible and will play a full match against an online opponent. The developers have given the coaches more credit and now they actually can make your team chemistry better or worse.

MyTEAM still has the old modes such as domination, old school domination, and now a new mode called supermax. 2K has also introduced new types of teams called, all time teams to MyTEAM and PLAY NOW mode. These teams were and are the best possible teams in their era. The play now mode is still similar to previous 2K games, but just has new teams to play with.

MyGM is now similar to MyCAREER as it now features a story-based experience. This adds spice to MyGM as the player has the ability to deal with ownership demands, regular management duties, and even the owner’s son. 2K has done a great job making MyGM as realistic as it could be.