Haunted Homecoming creeps in to SV


Join us if you dare on October 14 for Spring Valley’s haunted homecoming. Ghouls, witches, and students will be allowed entry to the graveyard starting at 6 p.m. Be prepared for frights, fun and memories you’ll never forget.

Students can purchase $20 tickets two weeks before the bash from the banker, or for $30 at the door.

“There’s not many opportunities to dress up in nice dresses and ties or even costumes if you want,” said Student Council Advisor Amy Langhorst. “[Homecoming] is going to be an exciting time with a great DJ.”

Semi formal attire is expected, however costumes relating to the theme are allowed. No full face costume makeup, masks or prop weapons will be allowed. Day-to-day dress code will be enforced.

“Homecoming is something to kick off the new school year, welcome new students and celebrate returning students,” said student council member Makayla Jordan

Homecoming is the first dance of the year, to which every grade level is welcome to attend. Student council is working hard to impress new and returning students. There will be games, popcorn, music and impressive decorations

“If the weather cooperates we’d like to have the dance in the quad, with haunted decorations in the quad,” Langhorst said.

According to Langhorst students from other high school are allowed to attend as long as they have an approved guest pass, which can be picked up in the front office, any of the house offices and online on Spring Valley’s official website, all guests must be under the age of 20.

“I’m looking forward to this dance because it will the first high school dance I’ve been to,” said sophomore Emma Fowler

Like Fowler, many students have expressed their excitement for the dance and it’s fun theme and are anticipating a great time.