Hoover’s ‘It Ends With Us’ is a must read

By Brenda Dorantes

    “Sometimes it is the one who loves you who hurts you the most.”

    “It Ends With Us” is a contemporary romance novel written by Colleen Hoover. The story sets on Lily’s journey through finding love, but also questioning that love when she enters in an exciting relationship with neurosurgeon Kyle Kincaid. Things only complicate more when her past in the shape of Atlas Corrigan suddenly appears.  

    This book is a must read. The message of the story alone is powerful, raw and heart-wrenching with characters that are so human, it’s hard to believe they are not real. Having  read all of Hoover’s novels, this particular one released in 2016 is the most outstanding and very different to what her readers are used to. I read this books with the mindset of finding this amazing story with a message that would leave a smile on my face that I’ve experienced with her books in the past. I left with something else that was so much better.

    Hoover takes you down ajourney with the protagonist and let’s you experience it as if you were the main character. You feel the joy with Lily, the embarrassment, the love, and the shock. But you also feel the doubt, the betrayal and you find asking yourself the same questions that Lily is so hard trying to find an answer to. The book is the closest to reality than anything else in literature. It shows the excitement of falling in love so suddenly, the heartbreak when reality sets in, the reconsideration of your past thoughts and feelings and the pain of trying to find what is the right thing to do. This book is not only provoking, it’s empowering and empowering. It’s a very emotional rollercoaster. “It Ends With Us” is truly a unique experience that unlike others leaves the reader with a settled, more realistic ending.