MUN motions to advance with Mrs. Strong

This year, the Model United Nations has undergone many alterations. Among the biggest is the addition of Mrs. Strong as an advisor who will take the place Ms. Walters, the former co-advisor.

Along with her arrival, are many goals that she would like to implement. Currently, MUN has two class sections. Strong hopes to expand the organization to encompass three to four, in hopes of gathering more talented individuals who can gain awards during conferences.

“We have a solid foundation, but to get better we need more focus on research and public speaking skills” Strong said. “Everyone’s eager to do well and advance in the course and get awards” she says.

Putting aside long term aspirations, MUN has already begun preparations for more short term goals. Among them are the cycle 1 delegations and the University of California-Los Angeles Bruin MUN trip.

MUN prepares students to become delegates of real world issues by putting them through cycles. Cycles are set problems that face certain nations, with a group of two to three students each tackling that problem under the perspective of an assigned nation.

This cycle, students will confront the issue of money laundering and terrorism financing across several nations- a big issue that has an effect on most of the world.

The UCLA Bruin trip will take place November 10 to12. During BruinMUN, students will be assigned a nation to represent. The goals for such trips are to earn as many awards for students as possible while giving them the chance to learn and form connections to other like minded future leaders, Co-Advisor John Wabel.

“The people you meet and the connections you form last a lifetime, and open up so many doors” said Wabel.