Relay for Life to celebrate 13th year on SV campus

Spring Valley will host its 13th annual Relay For Life fundraiser on Friday, April 28. Relay for Life is the signature event for fundraising for the American Cancer Society and the biggest fundraiser in the world. It is also second to the government in private funding for cancer research.

“Cancer affects everybody worldwide and it is important for students to get involved because they become a global neighbor, contributing to all those people that are afflicted by this horrific disease,” said advisor and Biology teacher Don Johnson.

Relay is an event that gives recognition to survivors, schools participating, students and anyone that has contributed to fight cancer. According to the president of Relay For Life, senior Kenneth Jose, this year’s Relay theme holds an international theme, featuring a mini Olympics, talent show and a survivor’s dinner. Last year’s event raised up to $30,000, money that goes straight to the American Cancer Society.

“It’s an organization that affects someone at some point,” Jose said. “This is their [students] way of showing the love, the recognition and that you care about the community.”

Kick offs for the event took place in November and February, but students can still join a team.

According to Johnson, students can expect the opportunity to collaborate with their peers, bring Las Vegas into a closer and smaller community, receive volunteering hours that are required for graduating seniors and feel good about their contributions.

“I’m really passionate because I’ve learned throughout the two years I’ve been involved about how it affects people and how much impact it has,” Jose said.

The money raised at the event will help with the research that prevents future cancer diagnosis and the families that need assistance. According to Johnson, it is a fundraising event that gives back to those who need it most.

Prior to Mr. Johnson, Ms. Amy Devaul organized the event for the past 10 years.