Operation: Senior prom, mission a go

The mission: students are to investigate an upcoming event. The methods of scouting will be discrete, and the cover is not to be blown. Once students have discovered the intel, they are all prom-ted to go to the venue, Panos Hall. Upon arrival, students find a startling sight. Prom, James Prom.

Prom will take place from 7 to 10 p.m. at Panos Hall on May 13. This year’s theme will be unique from its predecessors’, adding a classic twist to prom. Students can dress up as their favorite spy in a spin off of James Bonds’ famous “Casino Royale”.

“I think the theme is a great idea because it makes everyone look sophisticated and dressed up really well,” said Junior Christian Soto. This classic spy novel and movie series brings not only ac- tion, but its own twist on elegance

and the slick themes of a spy to prom. Students will have the chance to feel just as cunning and diabolic as 007 himself.

“Dressing up like James Bond will make everyone look and feel professional and makes them really feel like a spy” said Senior Elham Tamken.

Adding to the theme will be the elegant venue of Panos Hall. Prom will take place indoors, with a large, open hall allowing students to enjoy the music cascading throughout the hall as well as large enough areas to retain personal space for dancing. The hall itself is very popular, having been the center of several weddings, barmitzvahs and other events.

The event will include a pho- tographer, DJ, chocolate fountain and other snacks.

“The price of the tickets I feel is really worth it because what you pay is all put into prom” Samantha Monroe, a member of Student Council said.


But the highlight of prom will be the interaction students will be apart of.

“The best thing about prom is that juniors and seniors will share the experience before they have to go to college” said Monroe.