Las Vegas gets first NFL teams, second professional


The city of Las Vegas now has their first professional football team after The Oakland Raiders made the move to be the Las Vegas Raiders. With the well known California city refusing to pay for a new arena, Las Vegas has stepped up to the plate and offered to build a brand new stadium for the team.

At first the NFL feared that moving the team to the gambling capital would cause corruption to the sport.  After  being cleared to build, however, they realized they can take advantage of the situation and capitalize off the money-making city.

“I feel that the implementation of the Raiders team to Las Vegas is going to play a big role in the boost of the economy,” said Junior Eyobel Kassa.

The team is likely to began playing as early as 2019 in a temporary stadium. By 2020 their official $2 billion stadium will be complete.

With the financial help of the city’s booming tourist trade and Bank of America, they were able to make this fantasy a reality.

“I like the Raiders moving to Vegas because they go against the Chargers who are my favorite team, which means I get to see my team play out here,” said Senior KC Moore.