Trump looks to Twitter to communicate


Newly elected President Donald Trump has gone against the norm by maintaing control of a personal twitter account. Trump posesses a unique style in his tweets and often repeats core words which have been aggregated by The following is a list of his most commonly used words and phrases.


“China is neither an ally or a friend – they want to beat us and own our country.”

Mentioned 414 times since 2011, Trump has made an effort to ensure sure that China, the United States biggest (and un-easiest) partner to deal with, is known as an enemy. He has no fear in showing his opposition to China. In most cases he uses China as an object of comparison to the U.S. He also points out the massive amount of debt owed to them and the amount of jobs outsourced to them.   


“This country can’t take four more years of Obama. #debate” 

Trump has relentlessly criticized Obama since announcing his candidacy. He has tweeted about him 2,478 times, a large portion of which were related to Obamacare (mentioned 426 times). These references usually described the Affordable Care Act as “a disaster” or “#Obamacarefail.” In other cases, he criticized Obama’s dealings with foreign nations and national policies.


To help promote his campaign on twitter, he frequently posted his campaign slogan, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. It was most commonly used after significant rallies or accomplishments for the campaign. However, he also used this to point out flaws that the U.S has in a broader sense. Things such as protests, news stations, and questionable congressional acts were used as reasons to post this slogan. It was used a total of 940 times.


“As expected, the media is very much against me. Their dishonesty is amazing but, just like our big wins in the primaries, we will win!”

Coming in as a favorite, Trump has used “win” 495 times. Prior to his candidacy he used it for everyday things, such as sports and celebrity apprentice. However following his candidacy, he has only used it for political statements – mostly that he will win the election.


“Crooked Hillary Clinton will be a disaster on jobs, the economy, trade, healthcare, the military, guns and just about all else. Obama plus!”

Meant to describe the actions of the government and various people, it has been used in 177 tweets. It’s utilized only to point out things he has deemed flawed. Obamacare, Hillary Clinton, and Vanity Fair are just a few brands and names he has considered a disaster through his Twitter account.

Trump’s tweeting shows no signs of stopping and the list of Trump-isms crawling down Twitter’s timeline will only surely grow.