STUCO hosts state conference, “Thrill of Leadership”

Students from all over Nevada will get to experience the “Thrill of Leadership” starting April 20 as Spring Valley High School hosts the 50th anniversary Student Council State Conference.

An annual event, the State conference brings top representatives from schools across the state for a three-day program with an emphasis on leadership.

“(Most) every high school in Nevada is represented with about 10 to 15 delegates. They have three or four motivational speakers along with about 150 student-led workshops to choose from,” said Student Council teacher Amy Langhorst. “(It’s purpose is) to improve school culture, climate, spirit, and making others feel welcome and belonging. It’s just all about leadership and just trying to make each other’s schools better.”

The event spans from Thursday April 20 to Saturday April 22. Schools from across the Silver State will funnel in on Thursday after school, and will be in the gym and football field on Friday while normal school is in session. The event will continue into Saturday evening.

“We go to 10 at night every day for a whole three days, it’s crazy. We have one day events (leading up to the conference) and we get to host the three day event,” said Langhorst.

The event is a huge undertaking for the school and the student council program.  Langhorst estimates around 90 percent of the student councils in Nevada will attend, with anywhere from 1,000 to 1,300 people showing up. Finances, lunches , organizing junior council groups, and setting up technology are just some of the many jobs Langhorst will be in charge of.

Yet, with such a large conference, leadership must also be manifested through the work of Spring Valley students Senior Blake Pride-Zorn and Junior Megan Tuerke, who are the State conference co-chairs.

The two co-chairs explained that they are working to stick to their theme “The thrill of Leadership.” Student council is in contact with various vendors, local figures and companies to bring in simple donations like chapstick or mints, but also to procure high-end, high-speed cars like a Porsche and a Rolls Royce to display and make the conference feel special.

Co-chair Megan Tuerke elaborated on how they also plan on celebrating the 50th anniversary.

“There is going to be a giant birthday party, so we’re getting cupcakes and hopefully party supplies. We’re also asking every school in Nevada to make a video saying ‘Happy Birthday Nevada Stu-Co or to make a giant ‘50’ out of their students,” said Turke.

The co-chairs are responsible for various administrative duties: collecting donations, communicating with other schools, and making the conference special.

“It’s exciting to host 1,200 of the most passionate leaders from every high school (in Nevada). It’s great to host our three day conference here and have a party, but also be able to benefit the whole state through teaching leadership skills. I think it is a great culmination to my four years of Student Council.”