Dear President-elect Trump

Congratulations Donald Trump, you are the  president elect. After no one said you could, you persevered. Although your party disliked you and your plans, you’ve managed to win them, the presidency, and control of Congress – An astounding achievement for a person like you.

However, you’ve scorched the earth with your campaign. No matter what policies you want to pass as president, you won’t get past the fact that you’ve made a great amount of people hate you. You’ve made people afraid of being an immigrant in a land built by immigrants. You’ve made people afraid of being their own person after how far we’ve come. And now what? Now you want to unite us? I’m afraid you’ve thrown away that possibility with your glorious “movement”.

You can say that you have America’s best interest in your heart but why should I trust you more then the politicians you ran against? You say you want change, but are you willing to compromise? Do you even know how laws are passed?

These are questions I shouldn’t be asking, but who knows what might be going on in that wonderful brain of yours. You are inexperienced and intolerant, and that is dangerous. Considering how you treat your critics, I’m worried your temperament alone can start a war with our own allies let alone our enemies. If a president can’t hold his own against comedic jabs, how can we trust him with international relations?

“Just tried watching Saturday Night Live-unwatchable!”  you wrote on Twitter.

The people have real reasons to be afraid of what you might do. I can’t blame them. In many ways, I feel bad for you Mr. Trump. I wouldn’t even be surprised if you were shocked by the election result. Now you actually have to build a wall. Now you actually have to deport millions. Now you actually have to “drain the swamp”. Now you actually have to fulfill your promises. Even if you eventually do this, it’s not even guaranteed that you will benefit a good result. It’s a lose-lose situation for you.

As you scramble to put a cabinet together, I struggle to believe you even know what you are doing.  But who am I to judge? I was once hired for job I didn’t know how to do. It didn’t end well for me, but lets hope you do better than I do.

And after everything, all we can do is hope that you’ll change for the better. Because until you respect immigrants, until you respect women, until you stop fueling ignorance and fear, until you stop your “movement” that promotes xenophobia, until you change who you are as a person and listen to the other side of United States, I will not respect you as my president despite you holding that office.

If there was one thing you get out of this letter, It would be that you listen to the other side of the United States.  Democracy doesn’t work without the voice of the people and the will to compromise. Even though I don’t believe that the system is failing, there are many people that do. It is your job to ensure faith is restored.

With that being said, I hope you still have some luck after winning the election because you are going to need it — now more than ever.