Hemberger’s emphasis on leadership drives SV athletics


The goal of any sport is to win and for the Grizzlies’, Athletic Director Billy Hemberger didn’t take long to surpass that goal.

Hemberger has been on campus since the 2013-2014 school year and has made a huge impact both on the school’s sport’s record and individual students. His women’s basketball team has already achieved the highest possible goal by winning the state championship in the 2013-2014 season defeating Faith Lutheran, and were a runner-up last year falling to Faith after defeating them three times prior to that. 

“It was one of the greatest moments in my life,” said Hemberger of their state championship win. “I would love to relive that moment again, but now it’s back to working hard.”

Hemberger’s coaching ability has earned respect throughout Clark County and well into the West Coast where the team regularly plays pre-season games.

But in addition to winning, Hemberger has also started many traditions at Spring Valley that honor students for their leadership and successes. He has introduced the Universal Sports Banquet and the 12th man\6th man for fans to create a home game an advantage.

Not only does Coach Hemberger help with the success of the sports, he helps with the success of students.

Hemberger teaches A.V.I.D., which focuses on organization and life skills. Hemberger enjoys teaching these classes to help and motivate others to become successful.

“I consider Coach Hemberger as a mentor to me.” said Varsity womens’ basketball player  Essence Booker. “He believes in me when I’m down and don’t believe in myself. He is developing me into a better person, he is a true leader,” she said of the coach who led her to a state championship win in her freshman year.

Hemberger also hosts a sports leadership program where athletes are recommended by their coaches to go and learn leadership qualities to take back to their team.

“I want kids to learn how to discipline themselves so life doesn’t do it for them,” said Hemberger.

With Spring Valley moving up to division 4A, Coach Hemberger is ready to showcase his team’s skill and coaching ability against the toughest schools in Las Vegas.

“You can’t be great unless you practice those habits and that goes for my basketball players and my students,” said Hemberger, “You have to have the same competitive edge to train your mind the right things to do.”