Department of Education Grant reduces AP exam cost from $93 to $15

A grant from the U.S. Department of Education will allow low-income students access to Advanced Placement (AP) exams, by dramatically reducing the cost from $93 to $15 this school year. AP exams are given at the end of the academic year to students taking specific rigorous courses for college credit.
“It’s a really good opportunity that allows more students to take the exam, especially students who originally could not afford it. If students know they can take the exam, they’ll study harder than before,” said Junior Counselor Emi Lytle.
“The U.S Department of Education will send Nevada a $415,783 grant to help cover the cost of Advanced Placement exams for low-income students, giving a chance to all students to receive college credit.
AP classes are college courses that students can take in high school. At a university, college courses can cost upward of $400 per class. With these courses now available in high school for only $15.00, students get the chance to take the class and only pay a small fee to receive the same type of college credit. When AP classes first came out, there were only 79 low-income students that participated in the exams in Nevada.
“I signed up for AP classes because I wanted the college credit and I don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars when I get to college,” said Junior Priscilla Chan. “I would definitely recommend AP classes because it really teaches them what college classes are like and it prepares them for the future.”
With the grant from the U.S Department of Education there will be a possible increase in AP test-takers. With more students able to afford the exams, students will have an extra reason to study.
“Don’t wait last minute, I know that’s probably a common suggestion, but just because the test is in May, you should really be getting ready January, February, now. I mean it’s never too early to start getting ready,” said Brown.
AP classes in high school are an opportunity for students to earn discounted college credit, learn in a more advanced pace, and discover what college classes might have in store in the future. Many students say that AP classes require a lot of dedication, work, and time.

“I think it’s an amazing opportunity for students to get free college credit if they pay attention, do their homework, and study for the exam,” said math teacher Mr. Casey Brown.