Graduation rates steadily increase for past three years at SV

In the past two years, the graduation rate at Spring Valley High School has increased 12 percent, ac- cording to Principal Tam Larnerd. The graduation rate for the class of 2013 was 70.4 percent, just under Clark County School District’s 71.5 percent. In 2014 it rose to 77.84 percent. The most recent graduates of 2015 had a 82.53 percent graduation rate.

“I’m ecstatic,” said Mr. Larnerd. “Last year when we went up over seven points, I was excited about that.”

Mr. Larnerd largely credit Cornell House Administrator Ms. Tara Powell for sky rocketing graduation scores.

To get more students to graduation, Ms. Powell put together a plan for incoming seniors who were credit deficient.Those eligible were able to come in after school ended in June for three weeks to make up courses. Last years seniors made up 72 courses using Apex credit retrieval which allows students to retake some core classes online.

“This year our goal is 85 percent for the class of 2016,” Mr. Larnerd said.

For the first time in Nevada history sophomores and juniors will only have to pass their classes in order to graduate. The district has created a new test but does not know what the score should be to determine if students passed or failed. Juniors and sophomores will take their proficiency test, but they will not have to pass it in order to graduate.

“It’s an extraordinary opportunity for the class of 2017 and 2018,” Mr. Larnerd explained.

On the other hand, freshman will have to pass their classes and pass their end of course exams to graduate.

Spring Valley is a three star high school. According to the old report card – that will change – if the graduationratewentupto83 percent or higher, the school will become a four star high school. This change and the new International Baccalaureate(IB) starting next year could help the school be more eligible for students that are zoned to Spring Valley but choose to attended schools with higher ratings.