Football relies on key players to put points on the board

The Spring Valley High School Grizzlies play the Durango Trailblazers on September 4 in their first home game of the year. The Grizzlies defeated the Trailblazers 35-13.

Every sports team has its go to players – the ones who they can count on. Football is no different. At

Spring Valley High School Quarterback Kc Moore (#5), wide receiver Antony Vazquez (#19), line backer Dustin Kekahuna (#24) and running back Raheem Edmonds (#27) are key to the success of the program, according to Head Varsity Coach Marcus Teal.

“They have a more hard working base and they

make plays,” said Coach Teal of his star players.

Although football is a team sport, these players have a huge roll on putting numbers on the board. In the “ Battle for the Banner “ football game against Bonanza, Kc Moore threw a big 73-yard pass to wide receiver Antony Vazquez for a touchdown. Running back Raheem Edmonds also helped by running in a touchdown.

Last season the team reached the playoffs with a fourth seed. Playing in the playoffs means big games will come their way and big games are always important.

playoff seed this year. These players were said to have progressed a lot since they first joined the team.

They got older and ma- tured so that helped them progress even more,”

said Coach Teal. The combination of hard work and sportsmanship among these men help the team be successful as it is.