Big League Dreams


He has commentated more than 150 Spring Valley (SV) games, and has attended more than 200 of them. Always in SV gear, Senior Carson Foremaster has not only made himself a familiar face around SV, but a familiar voice as well.

Since Foremaster arrived at Spring Valley two years ago, he has repeatedly shown that he is at the heart of SVHS sports and is the ultimate announcer.

“He has the perfect voice of a commentator,” said Sophomore Amai Mims, who often hears Foremaster’s commentary during basketball games.

Last year, Foremaster called every volleyball and basketball game held at Spring Valley High School. This year, Foremaster said he plans to do the same.

Foremaster commentated his first game during his sophomore year: a J.V. girls basketball game.

“He was requested by a couple of coaches asking if he would like to call a game,” Said Athletic Administrator Greg Stack.

He said yes, and has been the SV commentator ever since.”

Since then, Foremaster has had the opportunity to do commentary at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Green Valley High School.

One game Foremaster says he will never forget,was last year’s girl’s basketball showdown against Faith Lutheran for the Regional Championship. In a game that went back and forth by the second, Spring Valley took home a 63-55 win. Even in a stressful event, Foremaster said its all about building support with the fans.

“I love getting the crowd amped up at games; that’s my favorite part,” Foremaster said.

Fans who hear Fore- master’s commentary often remember his funny comments and boundless enthusiasm that makes go- ing to the games even more enjoyable to watch.

“Carson brings life to the games,” said basketball player Leilaysia Watkins. “There was one time when they tried to replace him with someone else, and it honestly wasn’t the same. No one felt as pumped and there wasn’t much humor while the girls played. He’s great!”

Foremaster plans on continuing his commentary at Spring Valley until he graduates next year, and has dreams of becoming the basketball commentator for UNLV.