Dance team reinvents itself

This year, Spring Valley High School changed its dance team into the Spring Valley Dance Company under the advisory of Mrs. Jeanine Collins.

“Dance team is a little bit more entertainment and more spirit oriented, while Dance Company is more about creating a dialogue in dance and inviting dancers in the company to creating original ways of moving,” said Mrs. Collins, who taught at SV a few years ago before returning this year.

The dance company has morphed into an advance dance program that produces organic and original different types of movements from the dance team. They will still learn routine dances to perform at assemblies but instead of the typical R&B, their dances will aim to tell stories with their bodies and to change the perspective of how people will view them

This year the dance company will debut in the homecoming assembly on October 16. Students will get the opportunity to see

their new and improved dance moves. They will also be hosting shows throughout fall, winter and spring.

“There is a strong desire from kids in my dance one and two classes that wants to do more after school like the company but they are not ready yet,” said Mrs. Collins.

“I want to build in the club and on Thursdays from 2 to 3p.m. and I want to start a improvisation club.”

Mrs. Collins really wants to expand the Dance Company of 23 members into thirty experienced dancers. If students feel qualified enough next year auditions are in March.

Students can purchase 12th man T- shirts from the banker for $.

Shirts should be worn to all games to sup- port Spring Valley’s athletic programs.

“She really pushes us, She has our best interest she knows what were capable of.” Said senior Carissa Donato.

The dancers from the company feel that Mrs. Collins is steering the company into the right direction. They also are very enthusiastic about being in the company and having the privilege to build the program and strive for more to come.