Year-round practice: The key to success

The Spring Valley Lady Grizzlies celebrate the school’s first State Championship at the Orleans Arena in February this year.

The Spring Valley High School lady grizzly basketball continuously shows that they have no intention of backing down after win- ning the school’s first state championship last year. These victory-crazed grizzlies make SVHS proud, and are hoping to continue on the same path this year, according to varsity women’s coach, Mr. William Hemberger.

Although the girls’ season actually begins in December, the coaches search for girls to join intramurals started in September. In doing so, the girls are preparing earlier than most teams, so they can enter the team mid-season form, said Hemberger.

“We are only accepting high character players,” he said of putting in the extra practice. “Each player will have a role and each role

will be important.” Following the girls’

championship win, more girls than ever are signing up to be part of the teach, according to Coach Hemberger. Three years ago, only 28 girls came out for the team. Last year, the number increased to 40 girls, and this year, more than 55 girls have signed up. Mr. Hemberger said he expects even more girls to come out for the team once fall sports end and free up many multiple-season athletes.

According to Coach Hemberger, pushing the girls during practice is key to drilling in the steps to success. The coaches explain that dripping sweat on the track and roaring on the courts allow the girls to play at an accelerated level. Other than off-season practice, the grizzly girls work with the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) basketball team to improve.

“The team builds character and creates athletes. Students outside of the team feel the energy bouncing off the girls. The grizzly girls feed off of each other’s electricity and put their hard work to make each other proud,” Coach Hemberger tells.

“Winning is contagious,” said Coach Hemberger. Along with the girls’ high levels of power, the 6th man delivered their promise and really brought energy to the court.

Coaches and the girls said they are grateful for the 6th man and Principal Tam Larnerd, for the support they received throughout the season. Keeping the bleachers packed and the fans excited is one more way to keep the energy going. But even without the support, the lady grizzlies are confident in their ability to perform in the upcoming season.

When asked what keeps them moving forward and improving, varsity women’s player Kayla Harris responded. “Winning, of course.”

Teammates Essence Booker and Lynnae Wilds both agreed they would like to receive a scholarship with their hard work and get into college. But even out- side of practice and school, the players are committed to representing a united and winning team.

Spring Valley students may notice the impressive degree to which the lady grizzly players match their shoes and athletic gear. Coach Hemberger says the matching outfits give attention to the team, which is what often attracts new girls to join. More importantly, it makes the team feel like a team.

“When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you are confident. When you are confident, you perform well.”