iPhone 6s makes quiet September debut with 3D touch

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s new rose gold colored 3D touch iPhone 6s from Apple has come to life, along with an improved 4.7 inch retina HD screen and a new pressure sensitive 3D touch screen. Consumers will have the time of their lives playing with the new features with phones made available on September 25.

The iPhone has many adoring consumers, and a long wait has been held for more improvements to the phone. With its new upgrades, the iPhone 6s is one of the best mobile phones available in this year, The Device has a pressure sensitive screen that functions more fluently and runs apps without a problem. The 3D touch screen is another mouth dropping feature, It’s a faster processor along with a pressure sensitive navigation all combined to keep the next generation phone looking fierce enough to counter other competitors. Users can pull up menus, switch apps, or look at photos, all by pressing and holding a finger to the screen.

While the 3D touch screen is an effective improvement so are the products used to make the iPhone 6s. Made with Aerospace-grade aluminum and sturdier glass has given the device more strength and durability, and its the same aluminum alloy Apple puts into the Apple watch port. The new chemically strengthened glass also makes iPhone more durable.

Finally, Apple will have the fastest form of LTE, The new iPhone will run on IOS 9. The new phone will have three hours longer of battery life. It seems the battery life has been long awaited by many consumers, “I want a better charger and battery life,” said Sophomore Larissa Elkins.

The camera on the iPhone has definitely improved, it now has twelve megapixels that can turn a still picture into a video or GIF, and it’s all automatic. It has a better pixel resolution and can record longer videos.

The price of the iPhone 6s is costly but worth the overall amazing graphics, design, durability, and systems. There are different versions of the phone ranging by how many GB it will have, the sixteen GB version will cost around six-hundred and fifty dollars and a extra one-hundred dollars on contract. The sixty-four GB version is seven-hundred and fifty dollars with an extra two-hundred dollars on contract, and the twelve GB version costs eight-hundred and fifty dollars with an extra two-hundred on contract. Apple has also introduced a new pricing plan starting at thirty-two dollars per month ( for the sixteen GB version iPhone 6s) for twenty-four months, where you’re able to upgrade to a new model each year.

Apple has always exceeded our expectations, whether a new product or renewing their old models. Overall, the iPhone doesn’t make much of a leap from their old phones, other than the new 3D pressure sensitive touch screen. The iPhone 5 and 6 take beautiful pictures, but the upgrade will surely be appreciated by our selfie takers. “Yeah I’m pretty excited for the new camera, I just want them to save GIFS,” said Sophomore Rehza Aguilar. Hopefully the new phone will feel better and faster, the other features feel familiar but it may just work out.