Assessments to make up 80 percent of grades

Spring Valley High School students may want to cram a few extra nights of studying in before tests, now that the grading system has been changed to include 80 percent assessment, and 20 percent classwork. This means that 80 percent of student’s grades will be derived from test scores. Assessments typically include tests, quizzes, presentations and projects. In previous years,


Senior Carson Foremaster announces a varsity basketball game against on Thursday September 24. Foremaster has been the official athletic announcer since his sophomore year, and has commentated more than 150 games.

By Justin Mcgee

the policy was 70 percent assessment and 30 percent classwork and homework, which makes a dramatic ten percent difference in the grad- ing process.

Even though it’s part of the student’s grade, it shouldn’t be as big or equal to as- sessments he said.

Senior Aldo Montenegro. While there are students who agree with this new policy, there are other stu- dents who disagree.

the students that tests show what you are capable of, while homework is some- thing that is forgotten not a reflection of knowledge.

“This is more of a district wide decision,” explained Principal Tam Larnerd, of the newfound policy.

“Students aren’t going to be overly penalized, when they forget to do their homework,” Mr. Larnerd explained.

“Why did they make this change; do they want us to fail?” complained Senior, Kalynn Lesley. She believes that this new policy is caus- ing more stress.

Administrators believe that the new policy is a positive improvement for the school.

Mr. Larnerd expressed that teachers don’t know who’s actually doing a stu- dents homework, and that homework is just practice.

Some students say the change is helpful and conve- nient.

“The grading policy is very fair,” said Assistant Principal, Toni Cooper.

“I have missing assign- ments in a class, but I have a high grade because of good test scores,” said

“The grade should repre- sent what you know, not what you may or may not know,”

“The test results are going to show what you know,” she said. She believes that there isn’t a big change at all.

Mr. Larnerd expressed to