Draft Day Deals Out Devastating Drama

In the movie, Draft Day, The Cleveland Browns need a savior for their pro football programs. Sonny Weaver is his name, and he decided to trade a player for the number one draft pick. Every move he makes will decide if he can swiftly save football in Cleveland.

The movie was released on April 11, 2014 in theaters everywhere. Kevin Costner played the role of Sonny Weaver, the GM of the Cleveland Browns. Sonny had to make multiple split second decisions over the course of the movie, which is primarily taken place during the day of the NFL Draft, which is the day where Sonny has the chance to save football in Cleveland if he makes the mature proper choices in developing the team efficiently. Sonny had to make many sacrifices on Draft Day but it all was worth it in the end as he did it all for the benefit of a profitable organization and for all the children and families who appreciate seeing their Cleveland Browns every Sunday.

Weaver had issues with the coaches, and many people were having major speculation of his decision-making when approaching all problems particularly on the day of the draft when the real choices had to be made at the last possible moment.  Deciding to trade so he could get the Round 1 draft pick for the team was a tough decision and is basically stating to the everybody including all of the NFL, that the Browns are interested in rebuilding their team from the bottom up in preparation to hopefully be in an upcoming Super Bowl and in playoff runs.

A few Spring Valley viewers of the movie were inspired from the movie and they said the movie was well put together. A junior named Shawn S. said, “Draft Day was a great movie. It really makes me feel working hard could even help others in life, not only myself.”

PG-13 Draft Day, directed by Ivan Reitman, is an inspirational football movie primarily focused on the decision making of the General Manager of the Cleveland Browns. In the end, Weaver did what he needed to do, to help prepare the team for the future even though many tough decisions had to be made and people had to be moved around in the end but for the future. The Browns will be working towards that Lombardi Trophy.

This movie is not only an inspiration for all football players and fans, yet it could inspire anybody in pursuit of a goal, and knows they must make sacrifices to be where they want to be and live the life they want to live. In the end, Draft Day is a masterpiece and must be seen by anybody who has time of day to get down to a movie theater to see it. The movie was worth the hefty price that movie theaters dare charge audiences in this modern age.