First Annual Las Vegas Model United Nations Has Successful Beginning at SVHS

On February 22nd, 2014, the first Model United Nations conference in Southern Nevada was held at Spring Valley High School and many Clark County School District Schools and one school from Utah were in attendance.

All of the schools that attended LVMUN were inexperienced delegates, except for the Spring Valley MUN students. Advisers Lisa Ancona and Ian Salzman were impressed by the students’ diplomacy from other schools, despite the fact that this was their first conference.

Junior Lindsey Richey represented the Kingdom of Morocco in the Security Council. She won a position paper award, and she also won an award for commendation. A commendation award is given to delegates who were active in caucusing and creating resolutions. Most of the our MUN students won the commendations and outstanding delegate awards.

“This was such a great experience for me, and it also helped me to become a better delegate for other conferences yet to come,” said junior Lindsay Richey.

Officers of Model UN chaired the conference in the Security Council, General Assembly, World Health Organization, and Economic and Social Council committees. President Tyler Teresi chaired the Security Council with Vice President Cindy Rivera.

“It was a great experience chairing an actual conference and not just the practices that we have on Saturdays,” said Teresi. “What the other schools brought to the conference was pretty impressive.”

Unfortunately, none of the students from our school received a gavel for Best Delegate, but we did win the best largest school in the overall delegation.

“The students worked hard and studied endlessly for this conference,” said Ancona. “Most of the delegates from our school are experienced which is why we won the award for best largest school.”