Our Softball Girls Are Swinging Back Into Action


Leading into March, Spring Valley’s students are looking into what spring sports they will play and women’s softball becomes a large interest for some girls that are new and have returned. Try-outs have already happened and a team is set for the upcoming season. The new softball coach, Ms. Caroline Fernandez is looking forward to their upcoming games.

Since the record of our softball teams wins/loses started, we have a total of 72 wins and 78 losses. Last year our varsity team had achieved a higher amount of wins over losses by 13-11. This year the coach and her players hope to beat there old record, and make it much further.

”I think that these girls are very strong and once we get everything together we will be a strength to be recognized. We have a lot of returners that are young and will fit in perfect with the new girls,” said Coach Fernandez.

After the stress of proficiencies has been lifted off their shoulders, students are able to relax and focus on more interesting activities outside of school. Newer and older players alike are beginning to come to practices and prepare for the new season together.

“I expect this year to go very well, and that my personal game has gotten better all around. This years new players will be a good addition to our team,” said Junior, Elie Endsley. Elie has been a player for spring valley’s softball team since her freshman year. She is very dedicated and believes that the rest of the team is too.

“I’ve been playing softball for a total of nine years and I’m very excited since I have been playing with these girls for a long period of time. The main thing I’m looking forward to the most is going to nationals. I believe that we have the ability to make it,” said freshman, Vivian Quiroz Montano. Vivian may be a freshman but she’s definitely ready to step onto that field with the thought of victory in her mind.

The women’s softball team is going to be a sight to see this year. If you’re hoping to go see one of their games, you won’t be disappointed. The dedication of the players and their coach foreshadows a good season and an even better future.