Underclassmen Must Pre-Register for the 2014 – 2015 School Year

Do you hate your schedule?

Jealous of your friends’ classes?

Are you being overloaded with work, or maybe not challenged enough?

By visiting the Classes and Pre-Registration tabs under CCSD’s ParentLink website, YOU can select the new classes and clubs YOU want in the designated periods for the 2015 school year.

Musically inclined, or just want to learn an artistic hobby? Spring Valley offers choir, band and orchestra. For a more urban taste, guitar and drum line are beneficial and will help you even past high hchool.

Investigative? Like to argue? Forensics will not only sharpen your senses, but also make you more articulate and comfortable with presenting. “Forensics is about pushing you out of your comfort zone,” said dedicated junior Alex Fotopoulos, “It really helps you realize your potential.”

Are you a performer, actor or playwright? Just like to pretend? Register for Theater and Tech Theater and then possibly join the Thespians or Drama Club in 2015. “It [drama club] helps me relieve stress of every day with the though that up on that stage, you can be anybody you want to be,” said former actor Vaughn Eifferman.

Don’t be left behind next year, pick and choose what you want instead by pre-registering today!

Students can now reserve spots for the new theater and language programs offered next year, but they must register now or the classes may be cancelled. An updated catalogue will be available on the Spring Valley website sometime in September.