Gamers Battle for the Future of Gaming

Gamers around the world are eager to finally experience the next generation of consoles. But where will they spend their cash? Sony releases the PlayStation 4; Microsoft drops its Xbox One soon after. Both consoles are black, but the consoles don’t look similar.

The Xbox One literally put the box in Xbox, with a large black rectangular shape that has been compared to an oversized 80s VCR unit. The only thing that looked semi decent on the Xbox is a slot-loading Blue-ray disc drive on the front. The PS4 however, looks very futuristic. Again, much like the Xbox one, the PS4 is also a box shape. But gamers are not going to buy the consoles just on looks.

However there are many people who are not happy with the Xbox One and PS4 and for some reason or the other, decide it’s better to play the waiting game. Be it bugs, prices or lack of next gen games.

The Xbox One’s $500 price dwarfs the PS4’s $400 sticker because the next-generation Kinect sensor is included with every console. This decision may burn the pocket of frugal gamers, but it’s actually a clever move. This ensures that every Xbox One owner has access to its proprietary motion sensor. The PlayStation 4 has a motion-tracking camera too, but owning it is strictly optional. This isn’t a bad move either, but it unburdens uninterested users from a higher price tag, but still leaves them with the option of tacking it on later

Sony and Microsoft have left consumers with a tough choice. Both systems promise excellent gaming experiences and new features that push the industry forward. On one hand, you have the PlayStation 4 a traditional line of hardcore gaming. On the other hand, the Xbox One’s devoted fans and great graphics make it a tricky decision to choose. Across the aisle, what will gamers choose?