National Honor Society Challenges Students

National Honor Society or NHS is a service oriented club that contains four objectives- service, character, good scholars and leadership. This club of chosen students meet every other Tuesday in Mrs. Jennifer Manning’s room in 811.

NHS can be a challenge for students because they have to juggle the activities of school, community service hours, their free time and the required grade point average of a 3.5.

“My biggest challenge in NHS is keeping up with the 3.5 GPA with all my AP and honors classes,” said sophomore Aleta Dignard-Fung.

Students that are not able to keep the requirements of a 3.5 GPA, 25 hours of community service and 15 hours of school service will receive a warning letter in late February.

“If students still don’t meet requirements by April, they are told they are officially kicked out,” said Manning.

Unfortunately, students don’t see how beneficial this club could be for their future. Such as, having NHS on their transcript makes them stand out more, colleges notice more on the amount of community service hours they have, the representation of being a leader, etc.

“I would consider joining, but I think it would be too stressful with all three of my honors classes and my advance placement class. I do know the beneficial of being in NHS, but I am still uncertain if I want to join,” said sophomore Nick Amirsoleimani.

If you are interested in joining National Honor Society, there are several events you may attend. Such as, the induction ceremony in the spring. Send a letter of recommendation to the adviser or you can try to get accepted by maintaining a 3.5 GPA and community service hours.