Flag Football Teams Begin Their Second Season

With one win against Durango under their belt, flag football season is finally underway with Marcus Teal as the head coach for the girls. “Teamwork is the only way for our team to win. It’s not about one person making the whole team. It’s the whole team that’s going to make them shine,” said Alexis Arena.

“The rules are kind of different to regular football, but tackle football is too violent for me,” said Paola Moya.

Many freshmen made the new JV team, such as Alexis Arena, Salamasina Mamia, Rosa Duarte and Jasmine DeLeon who were more than excited to start playing for the winter sport.

“I’m hoping that flag football will affect my grade in a good way, since I have to keep my grade up to be able to play,” said Alexis Arena, who almost screamed when she found out that she made the team after running laps and laps for the tryouts.

“Flag football keeps you healthy, social and active,” said sophomore Paola Moya who tried out for the first time. Tryouts lasted from two to four in the afternoon, which had many of the girls trying out nervous and putting them all on the edge.  If you’re interested in joining the team or want more information about it contact Coach Teal in room 505.