FBLA Members Get a Jump in the Business Field

FBLA is a high school club that prepares students who want to pursue a career in the business field. In FBLA students get to travel out of state, share ideas and goals, and learn all about the basics of funding.

Club members can benefit a lot from joining. They may earn awards, scholarships, discounts, and even educational benefits. If you want to major in business, FBLA is a bonus when applying for colleges.

Students in FBLA take part in conferences and seminars. One important skill students learn is leadership. Taking part in conferences and seminars help build that leadership skill. They also learn to build more confidence by taking charge, and speaking out to others during seminars.

Another thing FBLA members do is take part in fundraising and events to help out the community. Not only do members get to learn about the business field, but they also get to help out the community.

“FBLA is amazing. I think it’s a fun way to prepare high school students that are interested in entering the business field,” says eleventh grader, Solayana Embaye.

Come to room 325 in Ms. Bierria’s room. FBLA meets up every other Thursday from 1:30 to 2:30 after school.