Joseph Gattoni: Off Road Enthusiast and Video Gamer


Meet Joseph Gattoni. He is 16 born in Las Vegas on August 29. He is a current student at Spring Valley High School in the class of 2015 and taking his first year of journalism. Like everyone else, he is looking forward to improving his writing skills through this next year.

Joseph enjoys anything with two wheels and a motor. Joseph has been raised with GXSR’S (street bikes/motorcycles) since birth, and he has loved every moment of it. Besides motorcycles, his other favorite past time is tearing up some sand with his family down at Apex. He usually makes a weekend of it by camping out and riding from dawn to dusk.

Furthermore Joseph also enjoys more simple things like spending time with family and friends, kicking back to watching a good comedy or playing some video games. But to sum up,  Joseph is an all around joyful person that can put a smile on anyone’s face.