Movie Adaptation of Mortal Instruments Hits A Sour Note

The Mortal Instruments is a movie based off the book series written by Cassandra Clare. It is a fiction series with romance, action and adventure. The movie came out about mid August and was a bust at the box office. The books themselves caught the viewer’s main attention, but the movie just didn’t cut it.

In The Mortal Instruments, Clary Fray must go through a series of challenges in a world that she has just entered. With new allies at her side, Clary has a chance to find her mother who has mysteriously gone missing. Clary has little hope that she will find her since New York City is such a big place, and it is only getting bigger.

The movie didn’t follow the story that well, and some people would say the same, such as sophomore, Michael Ojrako.

“I didn’t enjoy the movie as much as I’ve enjoyed the books. The books got more in depth than the movie and did well telling the story of Clary’s life and the life of her fellow Shadow Hunters. While in the movie, Clary’s life stops at the club when she sees the demon get killed,” said Ojrako.

Though the movie wasn’t told that well, it still got the point across to it’s viewers about the main characters past, present, and future. The frequent flashbacks to the past memories of all the characters help get more of an understanding of how these characters came to be who they are.

“I would have to say Jace is my favorite character because he is the hero type, also he has the most conflicts in the book. I look forward to seeing how he is portrayed in the movie,” said Julie Clarke, the Spring Valley librarian.

Overall the movie was good, but didn’t make it to my top ten favorites. The acting was exceptional, and the special effects were wonderful. All I wish for was that they stuck more to what happened in the book, than just doing what they wanted to do in it. I recommend reading the book over seeing the movie.