Insidious Chapter 2 Leaves Audience Spooked Again

Spooking the audience and breaking the box office record of September with $41.1 mil, Insidious Chapter 2 was a success. James Waan’s “Insidious” earned over twice the money that the movie was worth. Not only was this low budget movie a profit, it left one mind-blowing cliff hanger.

Insidious Chapter 2 ties up the loose ends of the first chapter. It uncovers the mystery of why the Lambert family is still being haunted and why Josh Lambert, the father, was haunted during his childhood.

The movie in all was thoroughly thought through by the writer, Leigh Wannell. Considering the fact that the movie’s budget was only 1.5 million, this low-budget film possibly left its mark as the best horror film of the year. SPOILER ALERT: the red faced demon from the first movie is not in the second movie, but critics say he may be involved in the possible third sequel.

“The movie actually scared me, and it made the first Insidious make sense” said junior Alia Armamento.

According to most students at Spring Valley High School, the movie was terrifying, but a story worth watching.

Junior Mariana Garcia said, “it wasn’t like every other horror movie where it just leaves you wondering. Half of the story did have closure, but there are some parts of the movie that make you wonder whether there will be an Insidious Chapter 3 or not.”

The director James Waan has not said anything about the upcoming third movie. But Insidious writer Leigh Wannell, and Producer Jason Blum have officially announced that there will be a third movie, according to Cinema Blend.