New Key Club Members are Always Welcome

Interested in making a difference in your community, playing games after school and creating new friends outside of the school day? Then Key Club is the place for you!

Key Club is a high school club where students gather to do volunteer work for the community.

Joining Key Club isn’t only for a good cause, but it is also very beneficial.  The volunteer hours you receive comes in handy when filling out resumes for jobs and applying for colleges.

Every Wednesday and Thursday, Key Club meets after school. On Wednesdays, club members meet up for recycling. On Thursdays, they gather and discuss important upcoming events.

Judy Bungcayao said, “Key Club is very exciting. You get to meet a lot of interesting people. Plus it’s for a good cause. I recommend everyone to join.”

Key Club isn’t all work. Members attend events like the Fall Rally with other group members, and members also get to play games and meet new people.

For any questions about joining Key Club, see Mr. Monson in room 819 or Mrs. Lytle in room 228. Everyone is welcome.