Minecraft: The Building Blocks of Gaming

After being officially released in 2011, Minecraft, a web based video game, sold over 11 million copies on the PC and more than 28 million copies across all platforms (PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Xbox360). It has over 7 million likes on Facebook and is the subject of millions of YouTube videos, including a Gangnam Style parody. There is even a Minecraft convention, Minecon, and an organization dedicated to using Minecraft in the classroom called MinecraftEdu. Considering that the game relies heavily on word of mouth marketing, and looks as if it were produced twenty years ago to original Nintendo 64 style, its popularity is nothing short of amazing.

The premise of Minecraft is simple: destroy, collect, build, and interact in a world entirely of tiny colored squares. if one is playing on survival mode, as opposed to creative mode, there is also the added challenge of starving of hunger and fight off mobs. Unlike blocks, Legos, or other toy building materials, Minecraft’s simple tool set allows for virtually limitless creations without the cost and limitations opposed by physicality. The fact that Mojang, the company that produces the game, encourages modifications and other uses of their intellectual proerty allows even more creativity and enthusiasm from fans.

Thirty-year-old Swedish game developer, Markus Persson also known as ‘Notch,’ started Minecraft development around May 2009, with pre-orders for the beta release game being accepted in June 2009. After a rapid initial success, Markus started his company, Mojang, and enlisted the help of multiple employees included Jens ‘Jeb’ Bergensten, who became his design “right hand man” for Minecraft.

For just $25 you can have the game of your life. Minercaft is unlike any other game in the world, this is reason for its success.