Can you get that Summer Body?

When it comes to summer, the thought of tanning on the beach is never far away. However, if you didn’t prepare, summer  can become an awkward time for stripping off some of your winter wear. When it comes to that extra weight from the winter festivities, it doesn’t look as cute in a bathing suit as it did in a Rudolph sweater. People wishing to gain that toned body for summer would have to start now in order to see the fruit of their labor. A combination of aerobic exercises and strength related strategies can help people to gain muscle tone fast.

Doctor Steckler, one of the top internal medicine specialist in the country stated, “The best thing to start with is to gain is greater flexibility.” By gaining flexibility an individual can try a greater amount of exercises that may be too straining for others. As well when your gaining greater flexibility it makes your muscles stretch and become leaner. Leaner muscles also face less strain after the workout is done when your muscles are repairing from your workout. Yoga is one of the best forms of gaining flexibility and patience. Patience is vital for people looking to become fit. It allows you to hold positions of high stress for longer periods of time. When it comes to yoga, look to moves that will increase individual joints and muscle’s ability to hold a position such as leg holds and even, when you become more advanced, hand stands. These measures make individual muscles to become more inclined to handle longer exercises which helps in the long run.

The start of your workout regiment starts way before you even pick up a weight. Because it should start in the kitchen. A good work out plan would always include an equally important diet. However, we are not speaking of a diet that you get through neglecting certain food items, and having high amounts of another. According to Fitness magazine this following dietary plan works for losing weight and maintaining a healthy body:

1. Breakfast should include a fruit and yogurt to provide the body a source of vitamins for the day. It’s also recommended for an individual to drink water in the morning to accompany the mean

2. Snacks between breakfast and lunch seem counter productive but become vital for lowering your hunger for when larger meals become available. In the morning you should eat something that provides oil to your body such as nuts. Don’t go as far as eating something with a large amount of oil though such as something processed because its very likely to contain high amounts of fat. Keeping the morning snack to raw foods keeps the body more alert and not weighed down by saturated fat.

3. Lunch was designed provide a form of carbohydrate and energy load for the rest of the day. Try your best to keep it light because this is where most diets fall short. A pasta salad or something that provides a calorie intake but also allows the body to gain some carbohydrates and vegetables. Remember you can not be overeating and still be eating a hamburger and a medium carton of fries.

4. This is the period for another snack where you want to have a small calorie intake before a workout. This has to be something small that wouldn’t weigh you down during the workout. Such as popcorn (unbuttered or salted).

5. Dinner should be used for protein intake. Such as fish or red meat. However, keep red meat to a minimum and as well keep in mind that tuna has large amounts of iron and isn’t healthy for large consumption. Also keep in mind that the purpose of dinner is to repair the body from your workout and to gain energy for your muscles to repair for the next day. The old wives tale about eating dinner an hour before going to bed is true. Because your digestive system slows down during sleep and creates more fat than repairing muscle during this time, and allowing your body to digest a little before sleep prevents this from occurring.

When it comes to exercising fitness magazine believes that a combination of strength and endurance helps the body burn off more fat. Someone that can run a mile without stopping is going to be burning calories. Try to incorporate exercises like squats and kickboxing exercises to help gain greater strength in your legs. When it comes to arms push ups are the old fashioned way to gain slimmer arms. Also try other exercises like body hangs and pull ups. For your stomach plank holds and curls tighten your body’s core. Also coordinating twists in the exercise make your sides also work into the workout and help your body thin out at the sides.

People usually take one to two months in order to make the body slimmer. Workout regiments should start roughly now. However, when it comes to proper eating that should be practiced everyday. Don’t be afraid to eat some bad things and enjoying the wide array of food around you. Just remember that whatever you eat, you have to have a plan on how to counteract it in your workout plans.