Nevada Bound Tour Gives Juniors a Peek into UNR Campus and College Life

A popular choice of schools among Nevada students has been the University Of Nevada Reno. But how did students know that the University Of Nevada, Reno was the university for them?

Nevada Bound gives current juniors and seniors a chance inside the campus, to tour the buildings of their future majors, talk to their possible future professors and get a taste of what life on campus is like. The cost is $50, and you are provided with a full tour of the campus and lunch. To sign up for Nevada Bound, you must go to the University of Nevada Reno website and click on the subtitle entitled “Nevada Bound.”

Nevada Bound is a day long tour that flies you out to Reno then returns you back to Vegas that same day. You depart Las Vegas around 8am and return back to Las Vegas around 7pm. In a group of 30 or less, you take a bus to the campus where you are escorted into the main ballroom. From there, you are presented with a 10 minute video that describes Reno and the universities’ campus. After that, you are given an opportunity to tour classes and to speak to the professor of your selected major. You are then escorted to the lunch room where it is buffet style with an endless variety of foods. Here you get a taste of the many flavors Reno has to offer, and you are surrounded by college students which gives you a great feel of what college is really like.

UNR Junior, Erin Jenerly, is enjoying her time at Reno. “I really love this campus, all the professors and the students,” she said. “I’ve overall had such a positive experience so far, and I’m so glad I chose to come here,” she said.

After lunch, a tour of the dorm rooms is next. You are shown four different types of dorms which can be either all girls, all boys or co-ed. You are given the opportunity to enter some selected rooms, so you can see where you’ll potentially be living. This really gives the students the college feel.

After the tour of the dorms, you are free to wander the campus for about an hour until you have to depart back to the airport.

The University of Nevada Reno provides endless of opportunities for students. The university boasts over 145 degree programs, and their study abroad program is in the top ten throughout the United States. With 18 varsity teams competing in the highly competitive Mountain West Conference, Nevada students have front row seats to exciting NCAA-Division I athletics.

Paying for college for many is always a major conflict and potentially determines what college they will attend. At the University of Nevada, Reno, several millions of dollars in scholarships are available for all students. Nevada has emerged as one of the nation’s top public universities; however, it is still small enough for you to connect with people and professors who can put you on your way to success.