He Said: Warm Bodies – The Good The Bad and The Zombie

Warm bodies is a comedic film adaptation of Isaac Marion novel Warm Bodies. The movie follows a unique zombie named R and his love for a human he rescues named Julie, and their love for each other, along their romance R starts to turn human.they have to face Julie’s father who is the leader of the zombie apocalyptic military, and a group of Bonies ( zombies who have lost all their humanity and who are too far gone to save)

The Good: The movie has a great cast of actors and actresses. The zombie make up was amazing. The ending was very funny.

The Bad: The movie was a little slow at times. As you watch the movie you see some of the same zombies.

The Zombie:  The make up was very realistic and even tho some of the zombies are scary, the scenes with them are funny. Between the two children starring at R and Julie in the airport,to playing as humans in the park. Or grunting in a zombie filled airport to hitting on a pretty human girl in a park.

Warm Bodies: the movie is a great movie to see and would be a great movie to watch as a couple on a movie night. The movie made a stunning 4.8 million in the box office and beat Beautiful Creatures making 3.6 million in the box office.